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Divorce Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

For reliable and experienced representation with reasonable fees on all family matters, call the Law Office of James Scott Walker.

Know your rights and protect yourself !  I will sit down with you and explain the process and discuss your problems at no charge for the initial consultation. Experience makes the difference.  

I have over 29 years of experience in the following areas of Family Law:

• Divorce/ Dissolution of Marriage
• Paternity Cases
• Legal Separation
• Annulment
• Child Custody Modifications
• Child Support (Arrearages/Modifications)
• Spousal Maintenance
• Visitation Issues

• Contempt of Court Issues
• Emergency Orders
• Temporary Orders
• Restraining Orders
• Relocation Cases
• Domestic Violence
• Grandparents Rights

"I offer solutions to your family law problems with personalized service that you won't get from the big, pricey firms.
Although I offer aggressive representation, I treat all my family law cases with the sensitivity and respect they deserve."

James Scott Walker, Esq.

Call today for your FREE consultation!